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Postby Kingsquirrel1094 » Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:50 pm

Hello Everyone! Thank you for accepting my registration. I think I already started off on the wrong foot and posted on the wrong board. I’m so sorry for that!

I tried to send an email to the administration and have not heard back about changing my post from one board to the general board which I think is where I should have posted it.

I live in Connecticut and have been blessed by having at least 12-15 southern flyers in my yard. I live in a secluded section of our city actually the last country part of the city. I have learned a lot here and there over the year that they were here. But they left the end of summer and just came back.

I have searched everywhere for information on the flyers but to no avail. I couldn’t really find anyone that just fed them and not a rehabber nor could I find anyone that was in the same situation of them coming every night and learning some of their habbits.

Thank you again and I am sorry if I have inconvenienced anyone on the board.

Also , do I send a donation now since December is close and will that allow me to read or get into other posts for answers or general information. I look forward to learning more about my flyers, that I love dearly!

Thank you


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