Hi! My name is India and I am new to NFSA! :D (Texas)

Place for those new to the MessageBoard to tell us about your flying squirrel and yourself!

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Hi! My name is India and I am new to NFSA! :D (Texas)

Postby iacardona » Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:13 am

Hi my name is India and I am 17 from Austin, Texas! In February 2012 I bought my first flying squirrel from a lady in Houston. When I bought her she was already 11 months, kind of old I know, but I wanted her anyway. I made the trip there and back and I named her Moma after the flying lemur character Momo from the cartoon Avatar: the last airbender and the Museum of Modern Art, a beautiful museum in New York. I am not new to owning small pets, as I have owned two hairless rats, two gerbils, two guinea pigs and many other domestic house pets. However, after the death of my last hairless rat I wanted to get a pet that would last more than 3 years and that would become more of a companion pet. As of now I cannot take her out and hold her, but she does let me pet her even when she's eating. She is slightly depressed because in her old home she had her parents and brother where now she is alone. I had heard of several other squirrels doing perfectly fine on their own, but apparently she does not. I am buying 2 more squirrels that will be between 6-8 weeks old from http://www.jandaexotics.com/Available.html in October when they become available, but until then it's just Moma and me! Thanks for reading, please comment if you have a similar situation with an older squirrel and maybe we can talk about our different methods of living with them. :)

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