Daffy for daffodils

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Daffy for daffodils

Postby Deb » Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:43 pm

VanZyvordan flower bulb company's American distrubution center is near us. They had such a huge crop of bulbs in Holland this year that they ran several warehouse sales this year, a big treat for us locals. Now that the planting season is over for the whole pllanet, they have donated this year's left over bulbs to some churches in the area. The Methodist church in town recieved an 18 wheeler load of 40 pound bags of all kinds of premium daffodil bulbs. The bags average 600 bulbs per bag. We took 22 bags between us and my son. These bulbs are sprouting and some are starting to root, so they have to get into the ground this weekend. I have always wanted to naturalize large areas with daffodils but it's too expensive for us. :multi: :multi: :multi:
I hope the bulbs all find good homes. The minister says if they aren't gone by Sunday, they will have the rest hauled to the dump before they rot and stink up the whole town. We are tired, sore, and excited about the daffodil show next month. It will take us all weekend to plant them. Some of the types of bulbs are; King Alfreds, Ice Follies, Red Devons, Orangery, and some mixed assortments.
If anyone lives close enough to here is intrested, post, and I will post news about what is still left after Church services Sunday whe the congragation has had their chance to get what they want.
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Re: Daffy for daffodils

Postby Judy C. » Fri Jan 02, 2009 8:25 pm

Oh how luck for you! I also would like to see the world naturalized with daffodils, and buy whatever I can afford every year when I can catch them on sale. I don't remember where all I have planted them, so every spring is always a wonderful surprise. Another one that's fun to 'naturalize' with is the day lily. Of course, you have the foliage all year long, but they multiply and grow nearly anywhere. The blooms are so pretty, and they bloom all summer.


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