Couple Questions....

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Couple Questions....

Postby nutmeg6389 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:23 pm

Hey all! I'm getting my little baby boy in from Helen's in a few weeks! :multi: (I wish I didn't have to have him shipped, but I have no choice! Dennis doesn't have any, and no one close to me breeds either. :( )

Anyhow... I am starting to kind-of plan ahead and get some ideas for his cage. I have seen in some pics that some owners use fake leaves and plants in their cages. I like this idea because I want to hide a nesting box behind some leaves so he will have a safe place to hide. But I am wondering if these fake leaves are safe... I'm sure he will want to eat everything in sight and I was wondering what type is safe and what type isn't. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am going to try and use the LEAST amount of "edible" plastic that I can, lol.

Also, I use corn cob bedding for my sugar glider cage, but would corn cob bedding be safe for squirrelies? ...Not as nesting material, but for the bottom of the cage? I'm worried that they might make a meal out of it, and it could make 'em sick... Any suggestions?

AND. I am going to try REAAALLY hard to potty train my boy since he will be little, I might as well try while he is young. :) I know that some of you have tried to potty train your flyers too, and I was wondering what you use as a "litter box." I have seen the little corner pans made for hamsters... do you suppose that could work? Also, what could I use for litter? ...Hey, it may be worth a shot, haha.

....I think I had a few more to ask, but I forgot... I'm way too excited! Hahaha. Thanks everyone!
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