help getting flyers to get along

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help getting flyers to get along

Postby AmeliasMommy » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:23 pm

Hello all,

I have a 10-11 month old SFS named Amelia. I have been noticing she had been upset being home alone when I worked, not to mention I had to travel 3-4 days out of every 2-3 weeks for months, so I took that advice of other flyer owners and looked for a friend for her.

I picked up an 8-year-old (approx) female flyer named Susie about 10 days ago. Her owner could no longer care for her. She is a sweetie and pretty low key. For the first week, I had the two of them in separate cages side by side and gave them both run around the house and hands-on loving time. There was a little animosity, but not much.

This week I tried to start integrating Susie into Amelia's cage (it's an 8 foot tall x 3 x 2 ft cage with many branches, toys, boxes, squirrel bags, toys, etc etc. If Amelia could run around the house (i.e. cage door open) she didn't seem to care, but when I put the two of them in together with the door shut, she starts chasing Susie. Amelia is shaking her tail and one of them is squeaking in what seems to be a not-so-happy manner. Im not sure which one. Amelia looks like she may be nipping at Susie, but when I check Susie after wards she does not seem to be injured or have any marks, so perhaps not. I'm not sure.

These 'chase events' tend to happen for a few minutes then Susie hides somewhere and Amelia goes back to life as usual. Is this normal? I do NOT leave them in the same cage right now if I am not around to keep an eye on them because I do not want anyone getting hurt. But I also do not know how they naturally 'get to know each other'. I'm also known as a protective mommy

Also, just as a note, there are PLENTY of squirrel boxes (some belonging to each of them and a few new ones so there was a LOT of variety) and I have at least 4 different bowls with foods in them , but of course which ever one Susie is interested in Amelia needs to snoop into as well.

I would really appreciate any help or just someone to let me know that they're fine and to let them be squirrels. This is new territory for me and I want to be a mommy to two happy girls

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