Regional food choices for your Flyer

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Regional food choices for your Flyer

Postby oatstao » Thu May 24, 2018 6:08 pm

I have had a Female Southern Flyer in my care since last fall (2017) when my cat found a near dead flyer that fell out of it's nest just as it's eyes were opening as a baby. My Cat dropped her at the back door.

I cared for her immediately and she's in excellent health.
I have learned much and used the environment she came from to make sure she's healthy.

Since they eat such a wide range of foods ... please avoid walmart or other big name pet products that are doused in sugar or other preservatives.. I notice "honey" added to alot but in reality this honey has usually very small percentage of natural honey , it's more or less liquid sugar dipped on nuts for example The weird 'color' (red blue green) mixes they make with these current day pet 'treats' are a major concern as well. I never saw stuff like this when I was a youngster in the 80s caring for hamsters and mice. It was just bagged seed non treated. Remember if you purchase Rodent foods that come from outside of your country , chances are, they were irradiated at the border when imported, thereby denaturizing the food quality of the product and your pet will become deficient and ill.

I would like to share an easy to provide food source and one that is a favorite and is part of the North American flyer's natural diet.

We have quality Black Walnut trees in our area and I have been personally processing them for my own benefit for many years. Last year it was a no brainer to keep "Little Nut" my girl S. Flyer in mind for the share crop.

Well I am still feeding last years bounty to her and even had some whole frozen in the husk and they will last frozen in any shape.. Occasionally I would give a whole Black Walnut with husk and shell for her to work on which she had no issues making the little cap hole to extract that ultra rich nut meat. Black Walnut is considered one of the most nutrient dense foods and it has other properties for health support. And every day she got 2 or 3 big halves of walnut I broke out from the shell as her Treat. Always rotate foods though. If your flyer likes crickets.. or other bugs make sure you feed them , they go crazy for some bugs especially big fat june bugs and sometimes will refuse a cricket due to if one is stinky or is exuding the chemical to prevent being eaten. lol

Another healthy treat for your flyer is to add a few drops of Organic Apple cider vinegar to fresh water, at it's water change.. and then fresh water the next water change. Apple Cider Vinegar helps strengthen immunity and the delicate bone structure of the flyers, which can be apt to some bone loss if a proper diet is not observed.

Oh and certain spruce, pine and other local trees, make a clipping of some of the new leaves on the tips of branches.. and put it in the cage tied up and your Flyer will have lots of little buds to eat and other goodies like certain 'new' bark they eat or simply chew on for teeth cleaning and sharpening.


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How many feet does a squirrel have?: 4

Re: Regional food choices for your Flyer

Postby tattum » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:17 am

Wow, this a very helpful post :) I'm a newbie so that's very informative for me, thanks!

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