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Finally hoping to adopt/buy a flyer in Nebraska!

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:51 pm
by Jerica
I have been on this site a very long time. So much has happened in life that has made it impossible for me to get a flyer. I am finally at a very stable point in my life running my own business and such. (and to think I joined this site in 2004 in highschool) Now I am on the look out for hopefully a male and female flyer. I would like to breed, I have years of research behind me. If I cannot find an unrelated male and female for breeding I will start out with one or the other, either baby or tame adult. I am in Nebraska and will get a permit for them. I am willing to travel and not looking to have one shipped. If I can find someone in Nebraska, that'd be awesome but I haven't ever found any to adopt/buy in Nebraska. I will travel a couple states away if need be. Hopefully I hear from some of you! I'm super excited!