Ideal about transportating Flyers

Post here if there's a car trip in your future and you wouldn't mind an extra squirrelly passenger, or if you need help with getting a squirrelly traveler to another location
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Ideal about transportating Flyers

Postby gloryaf88 » Fri Jan 05, 2007 11:36 pm

I came up with an ideal today and someone else may have had the same ideal, but here goes anyway.

Since we have HOF's in almost every state now, we could set up our own transportation system to get them from one state to the other. It would take two or three members to move one across Florida and Texas, but most of the other states, one person could cover it pretty well in a day.
I know none of us are rich enough to do a lot of traveling and some of us are not able to travel long distances, but it could work. If Tom had a flyer that some one in Texas who was approved by him to have one, then some one in Florida could move it to a location closer to the Mississippi or Alabama line and meet the next person. That one could take it and meet someone on the Louisianna Line, and the same with Texas. Everyone could work together to join up these little dears with new HOF's. The expense would be minimal for most and I know I would be willing to take on across Mississippi to the Louisianna, Arkansas, or this end of Tennessee Lines. If needed we could start a fund to help with the expenses.

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Postby Naya » Fri Jan 05, 2007 11:40 pm

It would be very hard to accomplish but it's a great idea.

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