I don't wanna come out!

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I don't wanna come out!

Postby Guenevere » Mon Aug 15, 2005 1:28 pm

Hey everyone, this is Guenevere, owner of Jeremy. He just had a quick question...
He was just wondering if it was normal for me to want to stay in my cage. I just seem to like it so much more then being outside. I don't really want to go out anymore. I don't jump out of the cage when Jeremy opens it and if I do go out, he'll take me into another room to play and I just want to jump off of him and run back in my cage. He tries coaxing me with pecans, and makes sure it is really dark. Does anyone know what he can do? He's even tried locking me in his bedroom with him, but then I make a dash for his closet and I hide in the shirts.
Another thing, I really really don't like being in his hands. I have to be on his back. He really wants to be able to hold me in his hand, but I just don't like it. )c: Is there something he can do?

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Postby Pam » Mon Aug 15, 2005 7:20 pm

Just have patience and perseverance. I am having a slower pace with PeeWee than I did with Abbey, but your love is going to prevail. they are all different personalities, but she will adjust...pam :D
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Postby The Rock's Laura » Mon Aug 15, 2005 8:52 pm

Hi Guenevere: Mom was hoping I could help you with your question. She said it sounds familiar.

Well, mom used to come and try to coax me out of the cage when she was ready. That was the problem, she was ready but I wasn't. I have my own bodyclock and if I'm not ready then I just want to stay in my cage maybe have a snack, maybe have a nap, maybe just wonder around a little. Mom figured that out after about 6 months of having me and it's been fine since. She opens the cage when she sees me sitting on top of my little box peering into the living room. She knows then that I am READY and I'm anxious to get in the bedroom to run. Unfortunately sometimes I'm ready really late and mom is bleary eyed trying to stay awake long enough for me to have a good run. She's really craxy about me. You gotta love her.

The other thing you said about being on his back and in his hands, well, kind of the same here. I love being on mom's back and I love holding her fingers and I love when she gives me massages but I'd rather not have her carry me around in her hands. I never much liked that from the start. We're all different. Mom's hands mean treats and massages and good things but I still don't like being "contained" if you know what I mean. It's okay for a while if she cups her hands but when I want out I want out.

I have to tell you that all of this came slowly as I was a sick little girl when found at several months old. I wasn't used to people but I sure am glad this "people" became mine! I think perhaps your Jeremy and you should just take it little by little. Every little squirrel and every person is different. You'll each come to your own understanding.
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Postby RebeccaMarieUCF » Tue Aug 16, 2005 1:53 am

Ha Ha Ha! Hi sis!
<3 Cali
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Postby Moca » Tue Aug 16, 2005 7:37 am

Pam wrote:Just have patience and perseverance. ..pam :D

Agreed...Nugget went though a "going under the door" phase when he was about half grown.
A block of wood was placed under the door so he could not go back to his cage.
I gradually taught him to perch on the doorknob when he wants to go home.
His reasons to go back to his cage are to releave himself and get some H2o...
Once that's done,he's eager to come out for more play or a nap in my shirt.
Once your squirrel realizes the outside is more fun than the inside,you will have the opposite problem.
Just try and peel a determined squirrel off your shirt who does NOT want to go back in the cage! it ain't easy!
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Postby gwsgrand » Tue Aug 16, 2005 1:03 pm

So true that is when you do your strip act and hope no one is watching. LOL Been there done that but now I have 3 that play and run like crazy and put themselves to bed by them selves. I just can't believe it. Love looking in the overalls and seeing a 2 headed flyer looking up at me. Ms. BBB and Velcro,Jr. still sleep together and Miss Tinkerbelle is still in her own condo. As for not coming out of their cages the only one we have some trouble with is Ms.BBB for she loves to run as fast as she can through the tunnell and do her laps. Have 2 wheels in the cages and none of them will touch the wheel.
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