Found a Baby Flyer and Need Help?

For other than life threatening medical situations with your flyer.

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Found a Baby Flyer and Need Help?

Postby Joan » Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:57 pm

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Re: Found a Baby Flyer and Need Help?

Postby duane2893 » Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:30 pm

Hello...I live in jackson mi...I found 5 baby ones when I was fixing an outside block wall at my house 3 weeks ago.4 brown ones with their eyes open and one gray one that didnt.I found this website...even though I couldnt get to you folks without being a member I used your rehab list to contact someone to help! Thank You for having that list up!!!! As far as their status.......We stuck em in a box with the remains of their nest and sat it by the tree.{they all had chubby bellies} trying to figuire out what to do. Within 5 min.MOMMA showed up and grabbed each one and carried them into another section of wall I had to fix..Needless to say that wall aint getting fixed for at least 4 weeks which the northern mich rehab asked me to wait.Heck im going to build some houses for them.......They are way Cool thats for sure.Again...thank you all for the info......Duane

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Re: Found a Baby Flyer and Need Help?

Postby Kay » Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:31 pm

Wheeeee, that's a happy ending! :multi:

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