baby flier searching for mother in my house?

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baby flier searching for mother in my house?

Postby daftcrafter » Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:57 am

This feels like an emergency, but I really don't know. I fell in love with flying squirrels a few months ago when one appeared in our bedroom. Later I caught one in the attic and released it in the wild. My son was awakened at 5 a.m. today by "a mouse making a weird noise." We suspected it was a flier, and when I read on your website that vocalizations are a high-pitched, barely audible squeak from a baby looking for a mother I got very concerned, because I think that's what we heard. I think we have an infestation, I don't want them to destroy my house and also don't want them to die. We heard a noise in the chimney for a couple of days last week - perhaps the mother was trapped? We didn't know how to rescue her, because she was in an inaccessible spot & weren't sure what it was. Now that I may have heard a young one, though, I would like advice on how to capture/save it & its siblings. I'd actually love to keep one as a pet IF and only IF it could be happy that way. I would release it or take it to the wildlife center if advised to do so. Please help! Thank you so much.

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