How common are agression issues?

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How common are agression issues?

Postby Nativeprincess » Sun May 12, 2013 3:21 pm

Ya'ya is a little over a year old and this would be her first breeding season she would have gone through. She went from the sweetest thing ever to a hellion over this past month and man, I was worried for a while. She is back to her perfectly calm self but since I only have one data point (i.e, my own) I was wondering how common this was for everyone else. Does this happen to all females? How long does it last? Does it occur every season? How bad is it? Does anything help?

In my case, Ya'ya went on a nut stashing binge and got *very* territorial. Didn't allow me to touch *anything* in her cage. (my boyfriend could though). She would charge me, bat at my hands and lightly scrape her teeth on me (I think I got off easy). I didn't realize what she was doing at first, becasue wasn't very effective, but she got more aggressive as the month wore on. She wouldn't sleep in my shirt and also turned into a chewer briefly which lead to some confounding factors. Over all, she was dealing with the following:
1) Chewed her wheel up- No more wheel= a lot of pent up energy
2) Boyfriend moved out (she is bonded close to us both, possibly him more)
3) Less out of the cage time, and even less of it with me.
4) Use to have the house to roam but now confined to my room.

Once things with the move settled down, I removed all her nuts and cleaned her cage really well to hopefully limit some of the territorial stuff. I put up wall hangings and turned the room into her play ground, and pulled out an old wheel. During the day, I started wearing her pouch under my shirt again while studying.

Honestly, a day after the cage was cleaned and the playroom set up, she was *much* better. Now, a week later, she is back to her gentle cuddly self. I can touch anything in her cage, pull her out of her pouch when sleeping, and generally do anything I want with her again. Now whether this is becasue her PMS has passes or due to anything I actually did is up for debate, but I'd love to hear other people's experience with frequency of aggression issues and how they dealt with it. I wouldn't be surprised if, after an episode like this, a lot of SFS ended up cage bound and handled less.

I ain't gonna lie, even though Ya'ya wasn't hurting me....she was terrifying!

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Re: How common are agression issues?

Postby Joan » Fri May 17, 2013 11:06 am

When they are PMSing, they can be very aggressive. Most do settle down between cycles. She doesn't sound like she is too territorial except during these periods. I have a young female who is so territorial by nature that I cannot keep her with Chuck because she beats him up. :(
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Re: How common are agression issues?

Postby Laurak » Tue May 21, 2013 9:58 am

Omigosh, my Momo was a terror earlier in the spring for a month. Lots of biting and war-dancing. Luckily she has since calmed down. They are little fur-sharks in heat.

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