Wild Flyer in the Fireplace

Information about releasing flyers to the wild, removing them from the home and attracting them to your yard.
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Wild Flyer in the Fireplace

Postby Joan » Sun Nov 14, 2004 8:28 pm

Wild Flyer in the Fireplace
(Suggestions by Beverly, Dennis, Tony and Moca)

All flyers are quite quick! Before opening the fireplace screen, make sure to close all doors to other rooms, open the windows, and doors to the outside in case he gets away from you to encourage him to run outside. Whatever you decide, don't leave him there too long. He may get dehydrated and could die. To prevent a flyer getting loose in the house, remove him through the chimney.

# 1 If getting on the roof isn't too difficult or dangerous, you can try to lower a heavy rope. A weight tied to the end of the rope will help guide it into the fireplace. Then hopefully the little guy will climb it to freedom during the night. Drop the other end of the rope to the ground to avoid another trip to the roof to retrieve it. If the rope isn't too short and you do it right, when he's gone, you should be able to pull the rope out of the fireplace without getting back on the roof. You also need to get a screened flue cap for your chimney, as it's about the best way to keep this problem from reoccurring.
If the flyer has a means of exit, it is possible to drive it out with Obnoxious Technigues. Damper MUST BE CLOSED. Place a small stool in the fireplace with an open bowl on it. Fill the bowl with ammonia. Also place a radio in the fire place and tune it to loud music. Do this right before dusk when the flyer will begin getting active. The mother will move any babies if she's nesting in the chimney.

# 2 Another way is to get an old blanket and find a way to cover the fireplace opening with it. Open the glass doors and when you see the blanket move (from the flyer being on the 'back' side) you can gather it up and take the whole thing outside and allow the flyer to escape.

# 3 A Hav-a-Hart trap may do the job. You may have to set it differently so it is more sensitive to catch your wayward flyer. Flyers are pretty light weight and don't set off some traps. Apple, grapes, peanuts, etc., are the bait of choice.

# 4 Try taking a small card board box about 6" x 6" x 6" and put about 1 1/4" diameter hole in one side. Put in some paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper and some nuts, seeds, grapes, or apple. Put the box in the fire place and see if it takes up residence inside the box. You can use a glove or towel to hold over the hole to pick up the box to take outside.

# 5 Using a kitchen mitt hung inside the fireplace (as in # 4) is an alternative housing.
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