How old is too young??

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How old is too young??

Postby Moonsong » Thu Mar 30, 2006 1:37 pm

Okay... here is the problem. Tajar was born on August 25 and Face Hugger was born on September 24, making them 7 months and 6 months old respectively. For the past few weeks, Face has been actively attempting to hump Tajar but she was too fast for him. Two nights ago, though, he got her and held on for a good 2 minutes (while she was jumping all over the cage trying to get away).

My question is that since it seems Face has "something" to work with (he still wont let us hold him so I can only investigate when he lets me pet him through the cage bars) is it possible that Tajar is actually old enough to go into heat?

Other question is should I be planning now for possible babies? *LOL* How long does powdered formula keep? haha
Happy Squammy to Tajar and Baxter

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