Preggers or raging hormones?

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Preggers or raging hormones?

Postby michoacany » Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:16 pm

I have two flyers (male & female) that are about 2 years old. I had them in the same cage without any problems until recently. Now, they bunk seperately because she kicked him out of the nest & he's terrified of her because she chases him down anytime he comes near her. She hasn't become aggressive towards me, but I feel terrible for the male.I've been reading the forum & it was suggested that they be seperated if she is expecting pups & to leave her in the regular cage & the male in a seperate one for at least 40 days to make sure she's not pregnant right? What If after 40 days it turns out she's just hormonal, should I continue to keep them seperate if she's still aggressive?
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Re: Preggers or raging hormones?

Postby Joan » Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:59 am

If she stays in her nest most of the time, check for pups. If your cage is large enough, they can stay together but she will run him off whenever he gets near her nestbox. He'll soon learn to avoid her. When I had a smaller cage, I put my male in a "bachelor" cage when she had pups until they started coming out on their own at about 5 weeks.
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