My Life with the Flyers!

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My Life with the Flyers!

Postby gloryaf88 » Mon May 27, 2013 1:24 pm

I don't remember dates and years very well and this is going to be long but I'd like to take time to tell you about my life of being owned by flyers from the beginning until the end.
All of my life growing up and even after I became an adult, there was never a time in it that I was not owned by some kind of pet. You see I was born and raised on a farm in Mississippi. I saw all kinds of wildlife and had all kinds of room for pets to be brought into my life. I moved in with a man in the late 90's who would not allow me to be owned by pets of any kind in any way. I don't know if that was his jealousy or if it was the white carpet in his home, but there was noway I would have any pet living outside. We set up squirrel feeders and we also captured raccoons and moved them to a safe area where they could live in peace.
One day I received a call from the wife of a man he was working for asking me to come over to their house for a few minutes and to please bring him with me. I had no idea what was going on. So we went over. This woman raised exotic birds and sold them all over the country for a very high price, and even had one that could roller skate. I wanted one of her birds but couldn't afford one and had already been told by the man in my life I wasn't getting one. They only lived a mile from us, so it only took us a couple of minutes to get there. When we went in, her husband was sitting at the table holding something tiny in his hand. He held it out for me to see. I had never seen a Flying Squirrel before. I was totally amazed when he placed it in my hand and I felt how soft and really small it was. It was around 2 weeks old. The woman ask me if I would like to have one and of course I said I would love one but told her I knew I wasn't allowed to. She explained to me the care and how easy they were to keep. What I would need, how she would provide everything I needed to get started, and how her husband had already talked to and threatened my boyfriend with being fired if he said no. Then she brought me a large plastic peanut butter jar with holes in the lid, a bed made out of soft material and a two week old male flyer in it. We named him Scooter. I didn't know about shirt training, didn't know about this board, but Scoot went everywhere we went. He went to California in the Semi with us, slept with us, and was right by my side through everything. You could leave a door open and Scoot would not even attempt to go outside. Then I had a heart attack and while I was getting over that, someone left the toilet lid open, and Scoot drowned. I almost died. I had lost my best friend! In the end, before I lost Scoot, I found this Board, and I had met a lot of great people through here, two of them being Joan and Deb Miller.
Joan had a new litter of babies that spring after I lost Scoot, and I couldn't see myself going on without being owned by another flyer. Deb Miller and I made arrangements to go to Florida late that Spring as soon as the doctor said I could travel and what a wonderful trip. We had a wonderful time and we both became proudly owned by new flyers. I came home owned by Pistol Pete and in this I discovered the meaning of how different each Flyer's personality is. Scoot was momma's boy, but if he didn't like something, you got a quick hard nip right then and there. Pistol was a shirt buddy and Deb laughed coming back because Pistol decided to sleep, not in the front of my shirt but in the back of my shirt, LOL. Pistol could care less, once we got to my home whether he was in my shirt or in his cage. I took him with me every where I went but he would just as soon be left alone, where Scoot had never wanted me to leave him. Scoot would always scream at me when he knew I was leaving, Pistol would go to bed and hide in a new place so I couldn't take him if he didn't want to go.
It wasn't long though that Pistol and I started to go through some changes in our lives that affected us both in many ways. We had to move in with my Aunt and Uncle as they were leaving on vacation. It was only the two of us in the home for weeks and we could have the run of the house. Pistol had total quiet except for me and he became more outgoing. We lived there for about 3 months, then moved into our on apartment, which I had to slip Pistol into because owning a Flyer is illegal in my state. I kept Pistol's cage in the bedroom at the apartment and let him run loose there and he loved it. The only time he was caged was when I had company or when I had to leave for a bit. It had a huge closet and that's where he usually slept in my clothes on top of the shelves. I had been in the apartment a few months when I was contacted on here by Amy asking if I might take Martie Monster and if she could bring her for a meeting with Pistol and me. Of course I said "yes". It was suppose to be just a meeting at first but Martie had other plans for Amy and me.
First of all, let me tell you about my apartment so you can understand how it was set up. It was very Flyer proof. It was a one bedroom, handicapped accessible, set up for the disabled and elderly. It was several apartments in one building down a long hallway, with one entrance. By the time Amy and Martie Monster came for their visit, it was known that I had Pistol Pete and everyone in the complex had met him including the manager and Deb Miller's husband happened to be over the HUD office in our area which funded our complex. I had a one bedroom with the bathroom leading off of the bedroom. I had a note on the door saying to keep that door closed at all times, however when someone other than my son visited, I went into my bedroom and sat while they were in the bathroom to make sure the door was closed.
In comes Martie Monster and Amy to visit.... Amy was only bringing Martie to see how she would interact with Pistol and me and then she would decide later if this was the best situation for Martie. Martie was born into the wild and was a Hurricane Katrina survivor. She would have died if Amy had not have found her after Katrina. Amy made the drive from North Alabama to East Central Mississippi early that day, arriving right after lunch. We sat and talked a few minutes before taking Martie into my bedroom to see how she would react. I had a huge comforter hung on one wall for Pistol to climb on when he wanted to climb up the wall, so there was plenty to play with in the room. We took Martie out and let her investigate on her own. Martie seemed to fall in love with both Pistol and me. When Amy got ready to leave, Martie simply refused to go and Amy decided then and there, I was the right home for MS Martie Monster. We left her and Pistol playing in the room together. It was late that night so I just left them out together and went to bed, during the night I felt Martie scoot up under my hair and go to sleep. When I woke the next morning I could not find Martie anywhere. There was no way she could have escaped my bedroom and I knew that, but I couldn't locate her. Pistol had went back to his cage and was asleep in his nest, but she wasn't in his cage or the travel cage I had set up for her. I called my ex, he was great with Scooter, but not with Pistol, however, I needed help finding Martie and I thought if anyone could help, he could. He came straight to the apartment and started helping me search for her. I knew he found her when in 10 minutes he screamed as she sunk her teeth into his fingers when he stuck his hand to close to her...LOL. I reached where his hand was, grabbed her, stuck her in the travel cage, and told her to take a nap, she had done enough damage for one day.
Martie was so much like my Scoot. She didn't like for me to leave her behind, but she especially didn't like for anyone to come to the apartment because she thought I was leaving with them or she might have to leave with them. Cage doors were always left open when I was home so they could go and come as they pleased. Every time I went to use my printer, I had to clean acorns and pecans out of it where Martie and Pistol stashed them. If I fixed me a glass of milk or a cup of coffee, you could bet Martie Monster was going to drink her fair share of it. I will never forget one night, I had poured the last glass of milk out of the frig and was sitting in the living room watching tv drinking it. I had only taken one swallow when Martie jumped off my shoulder, onto the edge of the glass and got her first sip. She set there several minutes, drinking what she wanted and before I could get another swallow, she peed in the whole glass full. What did I do? I laughed at her, put her in her cage, and walked across the street to the grocery store to buy a new gallon. With Martie you always expected the unexpected.
That's why a few months later when I couldn't find her one day, and I looked all day, I called my two nephews, who Martie loved dearly, to come help me look. Imagine how amazed we all were when we finally found her bedded up in my clothes in a shelf in the closet with two little pinkies! I didn't even know she was pregnant, I should have know since her and Pistol was always together, but I just didn't think... I didn't use my brain. I kept one and Deb Miller got the other. This was her first litter and this is where Drago MonsterPete came from.
Drago was a pure mixture of Martie and Pistol and so unlike any Flyer that had ever owned me before. He was demanding and needy one minute and could care less the next. Martie was an excellent mother and she never even tried to bite me when we found the babies and I went to handle them, yet she would bite me if she didn't want me to leave the apartment. Drago was beautiful. He was darker than his MOM or his DAD. He was almost black the first year of his life when you looked at him up close. When he reached 8 weeks old, I started caging him with his dad in the daytime until he knew which cage to go to when he wanted to sleep or hide.
The apartments became a nightmare for all of us. People trying to break in, people doing drugs in the area behind the complex, people stealing from area outside and the parking lot. I started trying to get out. Then I found out that HUD was starting a new program where you could find your own rental house and if it was HUD approved, they would help with the rent. But finding an available house in this small place was impossible, especially one that would take HUD. Then my son came to me and told me that an older man that I had known all my life wanted me to contact him immediately about a house. I went to the business he owned and told him I heard he had a house available, and he said no, but that he would build me one and it would be ready in less than two months. I couldn't believe it. He contacted HUD to see what size it could be as far as bedrooms and what it needed to have to be HUD approved, then he called me back and ask me was there anything special I wanted on this house that was different to his other rental houses. I was so excited... I was moving into a brand new house, and I had a choice on some of what I wanted!. Then disaster hit. My youngest nephew fell out of tree and broke his leg in multiple places just as Martie Monster had given birth to her second litter of pups. I had to leave with the family to be at the hospital for several day and my son had to take care of all my Flyers plus a new litter of pups. While my nephew was undergoing surgery, my son calls and says that one of the pups has a badly swollen and red front paw, but that's all he can tell about it because MS Martie Monster will not allow anyone in her cage other than to feed except for me. Noone else better try to touch a pup. I tell him if Johnathan comes through the surgery alright I will be home late that night. Just to do the best he can. I came home after midnight and ran straight to Martie's cage. I can see the pup from the door of my Bedroom and see the paw well. When I get to the cage, I open it and pull the next out of the cage and then I notice that there is thread wrapped around the pup's leg. I cut the thread off and put antibiotic cream on the cut. A few days later, he loses the foot all together. There were three pups in this litter. A female went to Deb Miller, a Female went to Cynthia Daire, and I kept the only male, Lil Foot.
Lil Foot was very shy but that missing foot never slowed him down. He ran, he played and he eventually learned how to climb and fly once he got older and we moved to the new house. We moved before the pups were 6 weeks old. They were kept in my bedroom there and the house was not as Flyer proof as the apartment, so they were not allowed to stay out all the time but were allowed out to play in the living room at night. I now slept in the daytime and stayed up with all of them at night. Martie had her own cage which Amy had someone meet me in Meridian with a short time after I got her and the boys all shared Scooter's old cage. By this time, Martie had rather be alone in her cage but still enjoyed playing with the others when they were all out. Drago could not be allowed out unless Lil Foot was out with him. If you took Drago out alone, he would start having seizures, he would also have seizures if he was out with either Martie or Pistol, but if he was out with Lil Foot, he wouldn't. If Drago started seizing all you had to do was bring Lil Foot to him and it would stop him immediately. So I never separated the two of them at any time for any reason. We lived in that house almost two years before moving into this house that I now live in and while in that house, we added Carmie, a Red Pit Bull Dog to our family, who became Martie Monsters best friend of all things.
The move was hard on all of us. This may have not have been my best choice and may have been the reason I am no longer owned by my Flyers, but we moved here for safety's sake. Four years ago last month my house was broken into and the only thing that was taken was my pistol. They never even touched anything else and seemed to know exactly where the gun was. I had taken my new boyfriend back to work, who was also my next door neighbor. He rented the house in the same yard as mine. The person who broke into my house jimmied both the deadbolt and the regular lock on my door while I was gone that weekend. That was in April or the first of May. I started then looking for a new place to live. I also went to take my son's chi to the vet and I helped them with a boxer that day, I asked if they knew anyone that had one they needed to rehome because I needed protection. The receptionist ask me would I be interested in a full bloodied pit and I told her I had never owned one but yes I would is it was a pup. Carmie is a vet rescue. The breeder sold her to someone at 6 weeks who wasn't taking care of her, she was taken to vets office at 8 weeks, severely malnourished, with demodectic mange and other health problems. The vet called the breeder and the breeder told him she would pay for the care for this pup if he could find her a home, but not to let the boy leave there with her if possible. The vet made the boy sign her over to him. When I talked to the vet that day, he decided I would be the perfect home for her, knowing she would be an inside dog, would not be used for breeding or fighting since I had rescued chow mixes and rotties in the early 90's. I brought her home 4 years ago this past Friday and her and Martie Monster fell in love. Amy had told me Martie had a bad experience with a dog and was scared of them, but I introduced each of my Flyers to Carmie one at a time very slowly, first through the cage, then by taking them out and holding them and Carmie at the same time. Carmie would lay on the floor in the other house and watch them all play for hours on the couch never offering to give chase or bother them, even when they would run across her back. I wish now instead of watching and being ready to grab quickly just in case I had took at least one or two pics of them together. Carmie was 12 weeks old when I brought her into the home with the Flyers.
When we finally moved into this old house 3 years ago, the Flyers didn't get much out of cage time. It's just wasn't safe. However, Martie escaped one day without me knowing it and I still haven't figured out how and she somehow got into the kitchen. Carmie woke me up having a fit for me to get up and see what was in the kitchen. I went and looked but never did see anything in the kitchen so I went back to bed but left the bedroom door open. A few minutes later, with Carmie's head on the pillow beside me, I felt something slide under my hair and it scared me to death. Then I felt the tail and Carmie lick my face, I realized it was MS Martie Monster. So I just went to sleep. The next morning I found Martie sitting on the Blanket hung on the wall in their room waiting on me :D
When I lost Pistol and Drago so close together it almost killed me. I thought "this has got to be the hardest thing I have ever been through or will ever go through". I cried for days. My son and I moved Martie and Lil Foot into the living room so they would be closer to me and I moved in the living room to sleep. When I lost Martie, besides how hard I took it, Carmie mourned so badly that my son stayed with her most of the time while a great friend of mine took me out of town for several days. I just couldn't stay here and deal with losing Martie. I wouldn't even have known Martie was sick that night if it hadn't been for Carmie and Carmie stayed right by the cage or right in my lap while I was holding Martie during the nap. Martie didn't even want me that night, she wanted her cage. Martie had what looked like a pink ufo hanging in her cage that was in there from her time with Amy, she died in that, and I placed it in a box and buried her in it. I think that Lil Foot actually died of a broken heart. All of his friends were gone. He had nobody left to sit on the ledge and talk to and share his day with except Carmie and me. I don't think we were enough for him. He had never been alone. He had always had his entire family with him.
All the boys are buried in large peanut butter jars with acorns, pecans, a cutting of their favorite blanket, and their favorite toy. Martie is in her UFO with her blankie and whatever else she had stored in it since the last time I has emptied it a month before she died. Yes I know, I should have sent them off to have seen what actually have seen what caused it and was it what I thought. I just couldn't stand the thought of someone cutting on my sweet babies. My babies were very much loved and always will be. Their being gone does not lessen the love I feel for them. I gave them the best life I could give them and I had to say goodbye to them in my own way. They are at peace now, running and playing at the RAINBOW BRIDGE with so many others.
I now spend my days rescuing and rehoming Pit Bulls in my area or volunteering to help at rescues nearby. I'm helping a friend of mine start up a new rescue at this time. I also run a coupe of pages on Facebook for pets in Mississippi that either need homes or that are Missing. I also give advice to people who find litters of baby wild animals on how to care for them until they are old enough to be released into the wild, with that first bit of advice being please contact a known wildlife rehabber :)
Glorya, Owned by Pistol Pete, owned partly by Martie Monster, whose heart will always belong to Amy, now owned by Count Dracula Monsterpete--Drago, and Little Foot MonsterPete.
In Loving Memory of Scoot, whom I will always miss!!

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Re: My Life with the Flyers!

Postby CoCoDulse » Tue May 28, 2013 9:17 am

History has been a super nice and at the same time a little sad, see how you start with your first flying squirrel has raise you stay with one and at the end the poor also dies ... And know now that aid to other wild animals a dedication in every rule. Very nice history.
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