"Checklist" for Your New Pup

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"Checklist" for Your New Pup

Postby Joan » Thu Nov 18, 2004 5:58 pm

"Checklist" for Your New Pup
Leah Solliday

1. Babies not weaned still need Esbilac, but won't need a huge cage yet

2. Foods:
Fresh veggies and fruits, unsalted raw nuts (in and out of shells), unsalted raw seeds, YOGURT, & mealworms.

3. Cage:
As large as possible, with various choices of sleeping quarters - wooden nestboxes, cloth tote bags, child's overalls or shorts with legs sewn shut, Christmas stocking, ferret hammock, etc - filled with 100% cotton balls - and various toys. Water bottle or shallow water dish. Shallow food dish. Hardwood branches and various shelves.

4. Toys:
Sky's the limit here! Some things I have ... small cage ladders, various ropes, perches, bird cage toys made of wood and rope, hollowed out coconuts, stuffed hanging monkey to climb on, hanging gazebo-type house.

5. A WHEEL! The very best wheels you'll ever have are Stealth Wheels, which may be obtained here: www.sugaraesattic.com Some flyers don't take to wheels, but the ones who do LOVE them and couldn't be without them.

6. Vitamin D3: L&M Animal Farms Liquid Daily Multi-Vitamins
http://4littlepets.com/index.asp?PageAc ... odID=13107

7. Calcium: Repcal, a cuttlebone or calcium-mineral block

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