Still not weaned at 14 weeks

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Still not weaned at 14 weeks

Postby Eekhoorn » Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:10 am


It's been about 6 weeks that Loki has been with me. We are getting along really well! He is bonded with me a lot and he is one smart little fellow. I even get him to not pee on me when I take him out of the cage. I just put him on a paper towel and he does his business there before he jumps on me. It's very sweet, because I think he even tries when he doesn't have to go, because usually he is done within a minute, but sometimes he sits there for like 6 minutes (looking very serious ^^) and only poops. The only times he peed on me in the last 3 weeks was when I brought over friends; he is too shy to be put on the paper towel then, and stays on me. His record jump is already 10 feet far; he likes to jump!

Anyway, there is one minor concern I have and that is at 14 weeks of age the majority of his food is still formula. He still eats between 7 and 9 cc of formula each day (I feed him). He also eats some fruit, nuts and hamster mix, but I haven't found any vegetables he likes. He is one picky eater: He doesn't even like peanut butter, and I tried 3 different ones (anyone want some peanut butter? I don't eat it :silly: ).
The things he does eat, in order of his liking:
- Pecan (I only give this to him as a treat, he doesn't have it in his cage)
- Peach
- Granny Smith apples (but not 4 other kinds of apples...)
- Pear
- Sun flower seeds
- Cherry tomatoes

I put fresh fruit/veggies in his cage daily, and I try different ones a lot. I could probably copy-paste the list Joan made about food and it would be a quite accurate list of stuff he doesn't like :P
He also has shelled nuts in his cage, and even though he opens them on a regular basis, he doesn't often actually eat them. So at least he keeps his teeth short. And I do try veggies again after a while, since I read they change their taste quite often.

I don't mind feeding him at all, but I do want to make sure he gets all the nutrients he needs. Right now I do not use any calcium supplement since he gets lots of calcium through the formula. I tried waiting longer between feedings, but he doesn't eat more fruit/veggies that way and seems more hungry during feeding time.

Is there any problem with this behavior, or doesn't it matter much? Anything that I should add to his diet (any supplements)? Or should I try not giving him formula for a longer time and "force" him to eat fruit/veggies (or even only veggies)? If so, how long?

He looks very healthy, is very active between naps during the day and very active at night and his stool is as it should be for a pup that is still on formula.

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Re: Still not weaned at 14 weeks

Postby Joan » Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:55 pm

The only problem I see is if you get tired of formula feeding. He'll eat what you give him if he has no other choices. I don't see any harm in the formula unless he gets too fat.
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Re: Still not weaned at 14 weeks

Postby Eekhoorn » Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:18 am

That's good to hear. I don't mind feeding him at all. I was only worried whether he would be getting all needed nutrients. And I will keep an eye on his weigth ^^


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