Question about Saving Wild mouse/rat

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Question about Saving Wild mouse/rat

Postby stellia » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:16 am

Ok... I just need some advice about a mouse/rat rescue. First off, here's some pics of what a friend and I rescued with a have-a-heart trap: ... iz/Rodent/

Can anyone tell if this a mouse or baby rat? The pics are from my cell phone... hence the bad quality... but it really is cuter than what you see. It's smaller than the size of my 5yr old flying squirrel. My friend used to keep rats as pets and did confirm it is female... i just forgot to ask what it really was :smileymouse:

Ok as for the situation... a rat/mouse had gotten inside the break room at work and has been living there for a little over a month now. Most everyone else there wanted to kill it so my friend and I decided to try and save it before they could. We set up a have a heart trap back when we first knew it was there, but it never went inside until just yesterday. Someone even tried to setup a horrible glue trap but we found it hidden and disposed of it. We were thrilled we finally got it before someone else could and it was such an adorable little thing (smokey gray with the cutest little smooshed nose and big ears). My friend stuck some shreds of paper towels inside with a cracker and chip and stuck it in her locker to keep it safe until we got off work. It curled up in the shreds and ate its food while there. My friend took it home and put it in her old pet rat aquarium. She was going to release it behind her home into the wild but now that it's bitter cold out we really don't want to subject it to the elements after saving it. And then she was going to keep it as a pet because she used to keep rats... but after going thru the deaths of so many pet rats, she doesn't think she'd be able to go thru another. I told her I wouldn't mind taking care of it... at least until it gets warm again to release it... but I'm worried about my Mika.

I would keep it in a separate cage and not allow them together and not touch anything till I wash hands, etc. But is this safe? Are they hard to care for? What else should I do? Could the mouse/rat cage be in the same room as Mika's cage? Can Mika still play in that area freely outside of the cage? I'm worried about giving Mika any diseases, etc. I'm up for any ideas anyone can give me right now... I just don't want to release it into the cold. But I've never taken care of a mouse/rat- especially a wild one- and am afraid of all the horror stories you hear about them. I did find a more comforting site about them here but thought I'd get the opinion from the squirrel point-of-view first. I'd appreciate any help! :smt050
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