Hi from the Wales!

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Hi from the Wales!

Postby mrchips » Thu Aug 31, 2017 5:09 am

Nice to have found you all.

I've got two pairs of 'Volans' (Southern Flying Squirrels) that I've had now for about eight months. I was hoping they might breed this year but I'm beginning to doubt they will now so, hopefully next year. They are not tame,. though the two girls will come and take nuts from my hand but the boys do a runner and then try to steal what the girls have received.

They live in a 4ft wide by 5ft tall indoor aviary, wired on the inside (to prevent chewing) and have five nestboxes. Two are budgie nestboxes, two are lovebird nestboxes and the other is a hollow piece of cedar branch which I screwed a bottom to and added a top flap so I could spy on them! I also drilled a SFC sized 2nd hole in the log so they have two access points.

I feed them corn cob pieces most days and sometimes pomegranate, though they don't seem too keen on that. Also mixed seeds and nuts and I bring them fresh hazel nuts and blackberries at this time of year. I also put small hazel branches into the aviary twice a week to give them something to chew on and strip.

I've also got a couple of chipmunks but because they are classed as an invasive species I don't breed them anymore which is a great shame because they are very tame and love running around the living room and exploring the kitchen cupboards. :?

I keep a couple of Hermanns tortoises, an Indian Ringneck Parakeet (who is silly tame) and some budgies, lovebirds and zebra finches. Outdoors I've got 8 ducks who make a real mess of my very small garden. Finally I've got 11 hives of bees spread up the valley and as it's a sunny day I'm now off to check the hives and maybe steal some honey!

I'd attach a couple of pics but my pc doesn't seem to want to give me the folder path.

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Re: Hi from the Wales!

Postby Joan » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:11 am

Welcome Mr. Chips! :wav: There is lots of info on diet ...viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2931 Flyers eat more protein than most realize plusthey need dark green eaves to convert the D2 into D3 (the sunshine viatmin). Usually 1 male to 2 females is best so she doesn't get harassed too much.
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