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New York State

Postby Joan » Sat Apr 23, 2011 2:18 pm

This e-mail was submitted by Kathy & Gene in NY State and is applicable for those living in NY. Cities such as NYC may have their own regulations, but for the State as a whole this applies.
Dear Joan, Gene has been looking into the matter of getting another flyer for me and being that I have not had a new one in 10 years we call this gentlemen and I am sending you what he sent me . He is involved with the DEC and these are the Laws for NYS as per the listing for NYS. The only permit needed is if you are going to exhibit them such as I do for classroom training and the like, other than that no. I hope this helps anyone who lives in NYS who has had concerns.
AS always HOF's Kathy and Gene

Subject: Southern Flying Squirrels

Southern Flying squirrels are considered "Unprotected Wildlife" in New York State under 11-0103 (6)(d).
Unprotected wildlife may be possessed, transported, bought and sold without restriction except as under subdivision (9) and (10) which do not apply to Southern flying squirrels. Please note that if you want to exhibit the animal to the public then you will need to apply for a License to Collect or Possess. No license is required for pet possession.

Chris Schiralli
Fish and Wildlife Tech 1
NYS DEC Special Licenses Unit
(518) 402-8990 phone
(518) 402-8925 fax email
Special License Unit Website:
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