whats happening?

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whats happening?

Postby koji » Fri Jun 16, 2006 7:52 am

I've been spending the last 5-7 days keeping momo in my shirt pocket with a button.. and well i played with him a little tonight, and I noticed him doing something really strange.. He had water and food.. but he was really hyper today and was trying to run away all over.. and when i was done playing with him I put him away.. then i went to check on him and he was knawing all over the bars, and he immediately jumped on the bars when he saw me..

whats going on? is he bonded to me now or something?


I'm also worried that he will damage his teeth, he's chewing of the cage bars pretty hard, I've offered popsicle sticks to him to chew on, and hes never touched them but i offered another one just now, hes scratching the paint off the bars too, although I don't think he can escape, the cage seems strong enough to resist him. and also he seems pretty restless. I've NEVER seen him like this before..

here's some pics of him in action




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Postby Moonsong » Fri Jun 16, 2006 9:57 am

Just wait til he learns that if he grabs the door with is teeth and jerks his head up real quick the door opens! *LOL* Tajar learned that trick at a young age and is still perfecting it. Last night she shimmied out last night after doing that. She will only do it if I am at her cage, though... seems the only time she actually wants out is if she sees me or Jay. Then she's happy just running allover the inside, trying to wake Face up.
Happy Squammy to Tajar and Baxter

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