any help would be greatly appreciated!

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any help would be greatly appreciated!

Postby voguemamselle619 » Thu Sep 04, 2008 2:37 pm

so i'm at that point in my life where i'm not sure what i want to do. i wrote before that my plan was to apply to graduate school for nursing and become a nurse practitioner. maybe it's cold feet, but i'm not sure about that anymore. i don't think i'm committed enough to it (or know enough about it) to apply to graduate school!
i'm now considering career paths that i could follow that involve working with animals. i've thought a bit about veterinary medicine, but am not too thrilled with the additional amount of schooling i would still have ahead of me (the only pre-requisite courses i would have to fulfill would be organic chemistry II and biochemistry, because i've already taken everything else). does anyone have any suggestions of things i could look into? i'm going to hopefully be a veterinary assistant for several weeks in order to see if maybe veterinary medicine is what i want to do, but i would love to explore other options. i just want to love whatever it is that i end up doing.
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