Please, please help!!!!!

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Please, please help!!!!!

Postby DKTNfamILY » Fri Jul 17, 2020 4:56 pm

A few nights ago we took in a rescue that was found on the road in the middle of the night. He doesn't have any flesh wounds or anything of that nature and all his bones seem fine. I've gotten a lot of information from this forum thus far, but I would like to explain my little guys situation in hopes that someone can either tell me I'm doing it right or offer me tips. (I have finally found a vet in my area that will see him, and I will be taking him the beginning of next week)

Okay. So at first, he wouldn't move much other than to roll sround, wouldn't use his arms or legs are all and wouldn't eat a thing and he has a held tilt situation going on, It's been a few days, and since then he's been doing a little better but I'm still concerned.
He's drinking water through a syringe and sometimes hell drink from his dish. He eats a little but but it doesn't seem much at all. I have different nuts and fruits available to him.
I'm wondering if some kind of smoothie with goat's milk through a syringe would be good for him?
He has stood on his hand and feet a couple of times very briefly.
He also still has the head tilt.
I've also been giving him yogurt when he'll take it.

He loves to cuddle, when I hold him close to my chest he will relax and go to sleep. Though I'm concerned that he isn't very active, but I'm sure he's been through a lot.

I've saw a few things on here about cats.
How do you know if he's like this from a fall or from a cat?

Is my little guy gonna be okay? :(

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Re: Please, please help!!!!!

Postby Joan » Fri Jul 17, 2020 8:55 pm

These guys have amazing healing abilities. I would try a goats milk formula to supplement what he's taking. Your vet will be better able to understand after an exam. Even if it's a head injury I've seen them carry a pecan to the side to compensate for this when running on a wheel. They are smart little critters.
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