AAA How to Post for HELP

This forum is set up for the Flyer EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM to address emergencies. The Team will be notified when emergencies are posted. Contact any Moderator listed below to get the Team Notified.

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AAA How to Post for HELP

Postby Joan » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:04 pm

When you post a message requesting help from the Emergency Response Team, it's vitally important that you list the signs and symptoms your flyer is having rather than listing a diagnosis i.e. "MBD", "Aspiration Pneumonia", etc. Often, well meaning members who are not on the ER team will accept your diagnosis as fact and give you advice related to that diagnosis. This can be wrong and delay specifically needed treatment.
When you post, you can also send a copy of the post directly to me, or other team member, by clicking on the name and clicking on e-mail address..
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