Some flyer questions

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Some flyer questions

Postby hinataoccu » Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:37 pm

I've been a HOF to Jude for about 3.5 weeks now (he is 12 weeks old, viewtopic.php?f=28&t=7161), and have a few questions:

1) are there any materials that are dangerous to flyers? I've heard of flyers getting caught in cotton, and i just plan on using fleece as a cloth material. What about different materials for toys, is plastic ok? Metals? etc.

2a) Jude is male and extremely energetic. If i wake him up at 4pm he will run around my room nonstop for at least 2 hours before maybe settling down to sleep. Is this normal?

2b) When he does finally fall asleep, he always goes for a hoody hanging on the back of my door. I've tried letting him sleep a little, then picking him up and putting him in a bonding pouch, or my shirt, but he either wakes up and starts running around again or he goes back to the hoody. I cannot get him to sleep on me. Will some flyers never sleep on you? And is there anything i can do to get him to sleep on me?

2c) He doesn't sit still at all, if i put him on me, he runs around fora little then jumps off. He will go in my shirt, explores, but as soon as he sees something to jump to he goes for it. Is this just Judes personality, or is he not bonded with me? I'm worried our bonding time borderlines on play time. For some examples of personality: he jumps to me, will climb into my hand, sometimes will let me hold him, climbs out of his nest box when i put in my hand, usually climbs to my hand if i put it out. He seems bonded to me, i wish he would stay on me.

3) I have a bonding pouch, and Jude will go in it. He wont sleep in it if it is on me, and if i zip it up he will try forever and ever to get out. Is there a good way to introduce them to the pouch? I know a bunch of people have problems with them, but not being a girl and therefore not wearing a bra, there are not many places on me for Jude to sleep.

4) Jude makes a noise that reminds me of a sneeze. He makes it quite often in fact. I haven't read anywhere about what this noise is. Any ideas?

I feel like i had another question but i cant seem to remember it now, oh well.
Any advice or comments are welcome. Thank you!
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Re: Some flyer questions

Postby Deb » Wed Oct 15, 2008 12:47 am

As a juvinile flyer, you can expect Jude to be awake and energetic in the daytime as well as at night. They usually become less willing to wake up during the day when they get a little older.
Jude likes to be independant, and it may well be due to his personality, but lose the bonding pouch. At least do not try to zip him up in it. Almost all flyers past weaning age hate being restrained. Jude may have a little mistrust of you because of that. Try a different cozy pouch or bag to let him explore and sleep in, but don't ever shut him up in it. Then try taking the pouch with the sleeping squirrel in it and just placing it in your lap or on your chest. If he wakes up and peeks out, have some favorite treats to distract him with. See if he will take a treat back inside the pouch. While he is eating or sleeping in the pouch, just gently massage him through the fabric. Hopefully he will soon enjoy sleeping with you holding him or tucking him in your shirt. And it might help if you wear his favorite hoodie while you have him out.
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Re: Some flyer questions

Postby voguemamselle619 » Wed Oct 15, 2008 12:08 pm

i use the cotton from the pet store for bedding and haven't had any problems with it. it's the bedding for hamsters, etc. just make sure it's 100% cotton and not that synthetic stuff with other fibers in it. i also pull it apart a bit for her first.
shylo has a favorite hoodie too :) i'm thinking about just cutting off the hood and letting her keep it.
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