Senior Flyer questions

For other than life threatening medical situations with your flyer.

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Senior Flyer questions

Postby yubman » Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:32 am

Hi all,

It's been many years since I'd been here. My flyers Beacon and Bexley are getting quite old at 13 and 12 years respectively.

Beacon has gone blind and Bexley mostly blind. They don't come out much or for very long these days, but still like to scurry around the curtains from time to time.

I had a few questions on caring for my flyers in their old age and thought it best to ask for advice.

1) Joan recommend ages ago when Bexley's eyes started to cloud over to stop re-arranging their closet as to not confuse them. But now that they are much older and both having trouble seeing should I be thinking of moving them to an enclosure that is more "hamster" like for safety? My wife worries that they may fall and hurt themselves.

2) Beacon's nails are catching on clothing I keep in their closet a lot more these days. I fill the closet with old shirts and pants for them to climb in and out of. What is the best way for me to trim his nails? I don't want him getting caught on something and trip and fall off a shelf or even worse get trapped in a pocket and not be able to get out for a drink.

Thanks for your time and have a great day!


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Re: Senior Flyer questions

Postby Joan » Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:58 pm

Hi Tony, good to hear from you! My Chuck will be 15 next month and he has a cataract on one eye and has slowed down considerable. He doesn't stay out as much either.I still keep Chuck in his large cage and I've not known him to fall. He knows his way around it and climbs all over the screening. As far as trimming nails, I have never done this with Chuck as the limbs in his cage seems to keep them OK. If I were to do it I would wrap him in a cloth and expose one paw at a time.Do a search (top right) on "nails" and lots of posts will pop up.
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