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The wild captive

Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:30 am
by johnny
I let him out f his cage 24/7 in hopes of alleviating stress that may have been the cause of hair loss. His hair did start to grow back within a week after, so perhaps worked. But he still used his cage, left open for him, and where I fed him. He also continued to spend hours a night running loops in the cage though he had run of the house.

My wife (rightfully) pressured me to clean his cage more thoroughly, which I did one day while he was sleeping elsewhere. (He never sleeps in the cage now.)As I feared, he was upset - and he hasn't run his loops in the 3 nights since then. Instead, he now runs on us at night, something that was unusual in the past; he'd occasionally run on me if I sleep, but not if I wrapped myself up wife my face barely exposed and rest of body covered. Now he comes up to my face and looks for entry under the blanket. And if I sleep without the wrap, he simply runs in the covers, in my clothes, then zooms out. It happens fast - I don't think there is danger for him - I've been falling right back to sleep, but still, it's ownership that has gone too far.

Only thing my wife and I came up with (independently is to lock him in the cage tonight when I go to bed. It may be very hard on him, but perhaps a few nights of lock up will get him discharging his energy through running loops and the habit may redevelop.

He's not just doing running and me and the wife once a night - it's a repeat pattern, part of a bigger house loop. He's also discovered the screens on the windows and making noise running on them. Not sure I can have 10 years plus with him, but doubtful that letting him go is wise for him. Maybe I'n being self-focused, but I think he's bonded to me enough that he wants a life that includes - but with his need to roam the (smallish) house, maybe at 10 months he should be transitioned outside. If I had to guess, hew wants to live outside but with me and my treats available.

Letting him go (soft release) where he was found a s a baby is a problem. A hard release there probably means he gets eaten by a predator within a night or two and perhaps has a hellish time once he realizes I've vanished. Others of his genetic heritage are there, I'd bet, and would recognize his scent as a relative.

Only other way would be to find a willing rehabber, but then he will be separated from me instantly and permanently, and he would be released in a place where he has no relatives. As a solo release, I've heard this isn't a great idea (\

I am truly a HOF at this point...I I can't imagine how someone can even watch him for me without living in the house while I am gone so I am a captive, too.