Information on Southern Flyers

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Information on Southern Flyers

Postby Kingsquirrel1094 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:47 pm

Hi , I am new to this board and I thank you for accepting my registration.

I have been searching everywhere I can to find out about the habits of the Flyers and questions about them. I hope I am on the right board for this.

My husband and I built our house 32 years ago and I am living here still. When we were first living here we found what we thought was a baby squirrel out of a flute we were not using of a wood stove. My husband got it and let it go outside and did not realize it was a flying squirrel until it ran all the way up a treee and then lept out onto another tree. We were amazed and remember mentioning it to our vet who told us if we see any to let him know and that they were nocturnal. We never saw one again but kept checking. The trees around here are very old and very tall trees. One of those trees I have always hung a bird feeder from and our outside light shines right on it. So I know if they were around I would have seen them.

Sadly My husband passed away in January of 2017 . It was that November I happened to be walking out on my back porch to my car. It was about 5:00 pm and I happened to look at the tree to see all these eyes looking at me. I had completely forgot about flying squirrels since I never saw one again. I couldn’t figure out what these creatures were that were so cute and let me walk right up to them. I stood there and took pictures and I saw one glide and at that point I realized they were flyers.

Since that time I have learned a lot here and there. They stayed the whole time coming out in the freezing cold, sleet and snow. At first there were 4 but only one would come out to see if there was food which is a question I have , if they are scouts for the others? They would wait for me to feed them and I learned finally the times they come to feed. I ended up having at least 12 flyers and maybe more. They would glide in from every direction chirping away. They would allow me to stand there and watch them, I either stood on a ladder to put the feeder up and would stand to watch or take pictures and of course talk to them. They were a joy and I love them and watch out for them.

Then around the end of July there was only one and then none. I panicked thinking something got to them, maybe the food had something in it, or not happy here anymore. I looked every on line to see what could have happened. I did finally found a woman who was on a blog who didn’t know either but due to the area I was in figured that they left to find a more substantial food to store that the fruit and nuts I was giving them was not enough.

So, Ive been waiting very patiently watching and listening because someone else had said they come around the end of November. I put food out the other evening which it was past the time they first come out and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw one! Again, Is this a scout and very shy - would not feed in front of me. So I went inside and watched so thrilled and hoped they were all coming back.

Is this a habit of theirs every year? Will the rest come back? And then there is the issue of the raccoon coming later to eat the food. The raccoon started coming around and being a pest late summer and that is why I had panicked thinking it took care of them because they would come back and eat at all times of night and early morning.
When they left I took the food away.

The area I am in has many wild animals. We have coyote, fox, my son saw a bobcat for the first time ever the other day and that caused another panic , hawks & owls. We have many trees together so that they can easily glide over to another. I also enjoy the regular squirrels that come during the day. We have 2 white ones, not albino, black and grey. I love watching them.

I also bought a closed in feeder that a gentlemen on Etsy hand made them but the one I bought was bigger than I thought and way too heavy to hang on the tree.

I know this was long but I felt I needed to put it out there since I have so many questions and if I am doing everything right. I love them, they are so cute and I love that they are so many in my yard to eat.

Thank you and any information someone could give me would be appreciated.


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