Reviews & mentions of favorite & recommended books on the subject of flying squirrels
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Postby VA3NEE » Mon Dec 20, 2004 7:22 am

Hiya. I was looking to buy a really young FS. I used to own flying squirrels and once had 4 living happily together for weeks and had an outside cage during the summer and I have bears around me. One morning, I woke up to hear scratching at the side of my house. The cage was tipped over with the bear standing over it scratching at the nest box. I ran in, got the air horn, and opened the door. I threw rocks at it, got it on a run, and blew the air horn right near its ear. Poor little things, they were sitting in the nest box shivvering. Not hurt, but terrified. I havent been on the board since. I re introduced one to the wild but the other two scooted off. I saw them around often but less now that it is winter. I was going to buy a flier and write a book about its life. A journal or something. Good idea? Id like your opinion and wheather you know someone who sells cheaply or gives away young fliers so I could start on this. All my other fliers were over 1 and a half years old when I got them.

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Postby Joan » Mon Dec 20, 2004 12:16 pm

Steve may be able to provide some answers when he sees this ... he's in Canada too.
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