Wodent Wheel Spare Parts

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Wodent Wheel Spare Parts

Postby Lora » Sat Feb 02, 2008 3:24 pm

The other night I was cleaning my hamster's Wodent Wheel & somehow misplaced one of the tiny little washers. There I was dead in the water. Then I remembered this site I had stumbled on:

https://ssl.perfora.net/secure.exercise ... rform.html

I wound up ordering 2 complete sets of everything except the wire stand for far less than buying new wheels. Now I can change colors when I switch them out for washing. The best part was I ordered it on Thu night & it came today! They sent one part I am not familiar with. It's called a Glider Guard. It's a small pvc tube, appx 3" long. I'm thinking it might go on the bar that runs front to back thru the wheel. Does anyone know?

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