Flyer Proofing Your Home from Wild Flyers

Information about releasing flyers to the wild, removing them from the home and attracting them to your yard.
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Flyer Proofing Your Home from Wild Flyers

Postby Joan » Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:01 pm

1. Repair or replace damaged ventilation screens around the foundation and under eaves.
2. Provide a tight fitting cover for crawl spaces.
3. Seal all openings around pipes, cables, and wires that enter through walls or foundations.
4. Be sure all windows that be opened are screened and that the screens are in good condition.
5. Cover all chimneys with a spark arrester.
6. Make sure internal screens on roof and attic vents are in good repair.
7. Cover rooftop plumbing vent pipes with screen over their tops.
8. Make sure all exterior doors are tight fitting and weatherproofed at the bottom.
9. Seal gaps beneath garage doors with a gasket or weather-stripping.
10. Install self-closing exits or screening to clothes dryer vents to the outside.
11. Remember that pet doors into the house or garage provide an easy entrance.
12. Keep side doors to the garage closed, especially at night.
Follow these steps and maybe you will have fewer mouths to feed. :twisted:
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