Homemade Cast for Broken Flyer Pup Limbs

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Homemade Cast for Broken Flyer Pup Limbs

Postby Joan » Sun Oct 09, 2005 5:54 pm

Homemade Cast for Broken Flyer Pup Limbs

Ingredients: Cornstarch
Very fine fibers from a Cotton Ball.

1. Mix cornstarch with water and make it very thick.
2. Wind the cotton fibers around the broken portion (not very tight)
and put the cornstarch on while thick.
3. It hardens enough to hold the area still.
4. Leave it on about a week.
5. Removing: Lukewarm water and a little salt mixed with the water.

This only works on a very young squirrel (rodent) that does not chew on anything, Sometimes the patient is too mobile and it does not help; so I only use this on very young squirrels.

It takes a bit of practice and may not set the bone exactly in place, but it will heal without pain and it keeps the baby from moving it.
I always tell people to practice with a thin tooth pick to get the idea.

This works very well in many (not all) circumstances. The pup has to be under 4 weeks usually. It does not hurt to leave it on until the wigglers gets it off by themselves. I don't think that the cornstarch would hurt even if it was ingested as this has been my experience on about a dozen or so greys.

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