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Hints from Peep

Postby Joan » Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:52 pm

But here are a couple of Ideas from peep:

1. for chronic diarrhea not associated with dietary problems try Flagyl (Metronidiazol), it’s better suited to secondary infections caused by parasites. More effective than Albon. In some cases we’ve even dosed with a combination of Flagyl and Albon.

2. Lactose Ringer solution can be given orally for hydration. It’s more effective than pedialyte.

3. When she has to sub-q a flyer, she use and insulin needle – there is less chance of the fluid leaking back out. She sub-qs them in the patagium , it seems more comfortable for them, and it’s easier to see the fluid bubble.

4. For wound care she uses Dermagen ointment, it has 3 long acting antibacterials, anti-fungal and steroid. Only has to be applied once every 2 days.

5. The only time anyone has had to amend the formula with cream or yogurt is in cases of extreme emaciation.
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