Is a southern flying squirrel as a pet good for me and the fuzzy friend?

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Is a southern flying squirrel as a pet good for me and the fuzzy friend?

Postby bluerose4342 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:30 pm

Hello there,
I've known about southern flying squirrels for a while now. I have been thinking more seriously about this, but to be honest I'm still a :n00b:
I had some questions about the little ones.
1. There's this whole trend of exotic pocket pets, where people are adopting animals that are clearly not suited for life with a human, and neither the pet nor the person is happy. Is the southern flying squirrel one of those cases?
2. I am in college right now and will live off campus this year on. Is apartment living ok for this pet?
3. Being in college also has some time constraints. I take my classes pretty seriously (or am trying to, at least), so a lot of the day time I will be studying. Is this okay for a southern flying squirrel?
4. Also, since most of my day time will be out and about on campus and at class or the library, is it possible to take the southern flying squirrel with me? I haven't read a lot of success with leads and leashes, and I don't think the squirrel will enjoy that either.

Thank you in advance!

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