Broken Bones

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Broken Bones

Postby Joan » Wed Nov 29, 2006 11:56 pm

Flyers have an amazingly fast metobolism and broken bones heal on their own. Most broken bones do not usually require a vet's intervention. An exception would be a compound fracture with bone poking thru the skin. These little guys heal so well on their own and know to keep pressure off a break. A cast or wrapping is not needed and they will usually only try to chew it off. Most vets will have to anesthetize a flyer to treat it and that risk is worse than the break.
Confine your flyer to a very small space so he won't be jumping or putting stress on the injury.
Make sure he is getting as much protein as he will eat now. (Protein helps in healing) Meal worms, hard boiled egg, chicken meat and a chicken bone to chew on. Also see that he gets his calcium and Vit D3 supplements.
There may be swelling associated with a break, but that will gradually recede. You will want to look out for signs of infection like redness, pus formation and area extremely hot to the touch.

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