Breeding flyer questions

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Breeding flyer questions

Postby Delight » Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:37 pm

In my quest to breed flying squirrels I have no absolutely no luck :( I have been a HOF for about 8yrs now. I started out with Merry my rescued "sugar glider" back when I ran a glider rescue in Washington state. To my suprise after picking her up and getting her home, she was a flying squirrel! That was the begining of my journey in 2004. Years later I recieved Berry (in 08') from a girl who could no longer care for him. Him and Merry lived together for a long time up until Merry passed away at the begining of last year (she was 11yrs old.) Before Merry passed away I took in three more girls, Pixie, Trixie and Pocket who originally came from S&S exotics and were purchased as pets but were not handlable this was in Feb 2011. After Merry passed and the new girls were old enough they were placed with Berry so he could continue to have squirrel company. The new girls were roughly 12wks old when I first got them (Feb 2011) and going through their first molt, but one girl seemed older as she was bigger and not molting - so I think she may have been from a different litter.) Not too long after getting my three new girls, a new little boy came to me (valentino) he was originally bred by Helen's little critters and is extremely sweet. After I got Tino I moved Pocket in with Tino and left Pixie and Trixie with Berry.

Pixie, Trixie and Berry are in a 5ft by 3ft by 2ft cage, they have three nest boxes, a hammok, two pouches, a running wheel, lots of organic apple branches and hand made toys.

Pocket and Tino are in a 3ft wide by 3ft tall by 2ft deep cage that has a wheel, two nest houses, a hammok and a sleeping pouch, they also have many toys, apple branches cuttle bone etc.

Berry has never bred, he was with Merry for four years before she passed away and they never produced pups. I always thought that it was merry as she was just too old but I am begining to wonder if it isn't Berry. I see him mounting the girls when they're in heat and he squabble with them often when they're in season.

Tino has began to show interest in Pocket this year but she doesn't want anything to do with mating and often puts him in his place when he goes to try! I have never seen any of them successfully mate, just the mounting and squabbling.

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong here as far as diet or nesting boxes or nesting materials or cage size or over population of space. I know there are many variables but I am wondering what has worked best for you successful breeders out there. Is there anything you can reccomend to encourage my fuzzies to reproduce for me? Is there any special type of nest boxes or nesting material that have worked best for you? Right now they're in parakeet nest boxes, which are roughly 5" X 6" X 6" with a 1 & 3/4" opening, that have a flip up lid so you can look inside and also clean their squirrel stashes out when they get gross.

I feed a diet consisting mainly of veggitables, leafy greens, hard shelled nuts, boiled egg, mealworms, harlan teklad rodent blocks, zupreem monkey chow dry diet, some seeds & fruit as treats, clover blossums, rose buds, fresh organic apple branches off of our own apple trees and occasionally local edible mushrooms when in season (chantrelles, oyster mushrooms.)

For nesting material I give them the hamster bedding that you can buy at pet co, it's an extremely soft material kind of like cotton balls but more "airy" if that makes any sense? It's very light and fluffy and doesn't stick together as badly as cotton balls and seems to be safter (IMO) as they can't get themselves caught in it or tangled in it if it gets wet cause it doesn't really absorb water like cotton does. At any rate it's an all nateral nesting material made of recycled plant matter and they seem to really like it.

If anyone can help in pointing a finger in the right direction or just letting me know if there's anything I can try and encourage them I would be greatly appriciative. My girls are over a year old now and have gone in and out of estrus atleast three times now that I have been aware of and still no babies :?

I love them all despite them giving me babies or not but I shure would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some tiny furbutts to raise from little itty bitties, as all my flyers have always been adults and I've never had the pleasure of bonding with a young flyer.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Breeding flyer questions

Postby Joan » Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:16 am

Kiki, I think there is just no predicting with flyers. My Chuck fathered 31 pups with Mishi and they were the first flyers I had. Chuck was about 2 and Mishi 1 when the first litter arrived. One year, she had 4 litters! Since she retired (started pulling out her hair), no pups with a new female. Your enviroment seems fine. You have several males and females, but no pups ... go figure. One male to 3 females is supposed to be ideal ... gives the females a break, but who can say. I think there is nothing more you can do.
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