Latest Update on Esbilac and KMR

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Latest Update on Esbilac and KMR

Postby Joan » Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:45 am

March 15, 2010

Latest Update on Esbilac and KMR

As many are aware, there have been several issues dating from August 2009 through now with Esbilac and KMR manufactured by PetAg.

We would like to begin by addressing misinformation that has been posted on the internet about the formulas being tainted and that the FDA has recognized this. We at Chris's Squirrels And More, Inc have been assured by the manufacturer, PetAg, that this information is incorrect and the claim that the FDA has acknowledged any problem with the product is also fraudulent. The FDA has never posted any acknowledgement that Esbilac or KMR is tainted.

Esbilac and KMR Formulas

We are attaching a link to a PDF file that will take you directly to has done extensive research on Esbilac, and has offered detailed information regarding the solubility of the formula and how that affects our animals. We feel this information is critical to the use of both Esbilac and KMR and we highly recommend this to be followed. The three most important steps to avoid future formula issued are listed below:
1.) Shake container of formula before scooping at each use. This is done to disperse the dry ingredients due to settling through transit and time.

2) When adding water use the hottest water possible without being at the boiling point.

About 170 degrees is appropriate, tap water is generally about 120 degrees.

3) Try to mix formula at least 4-8 hours in advance of use, preferably the night before you need it. Keeping in mind that you can mix ahead and than freeze the formula.

Additional information concerning the storage of formulas:

Always keep formulas in the refrigerator, preferably the freezer once opened.

The formula ratio for Squirrels on Esbilac:

Many people are not aware that the formula should be mixed in the following manner for squirrels. Many people read the Esbilac label without realizing that this label is intended for specifically for puppies.

This is the ratio that we use here at Chris's Squirrels and More on our infant squirrels:

1 Part Esbilac

1 1/2 Part Water

For neonate squirrels (under two weeks of age) we add a drop (and I mean a drop) of Heavy Cream which should be labeled 17% Saturated Fat. As our squirrels get older we start to introduce a little extra heavy cream. At about 5 weeks of age we are adding about 1/4 part of Heavy Cream to their formula.

Another successful mixture of formula for squirrels from an independent Wildlife Center is the following:

2 Parts Esbilac

1 Part Heavy Cream

4 Parts Water

Special Note

Due to the issues concerning these formulas this past year, we really need your input. Many rehabilitators have turned to alternative formulas to avoid using PetAg products and if you have found something that works for you as well as for your animals, then you should stick with what makes you comfortable. Please be conscious of "home-made" formulas that may be lacking in or over-compensating for various nutrients. In an attempt to recreate "mother's milk", your formula must contain specific proportions of fat and protein content. If you have any questions about a new product that you are trying, or are unsure of whether or not your formula is meeting your animal's dietary needs, please contact us. Even if we do not carry the product that you are now using, we still have the knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction. If you are using Esbilac or KMR and are having digestive issues after mixing using the above stated steps, please let us know. If your animals are still having problems after following these directions, then we need to know. If you do not tell us, then we will not know that issues are still at hand. Like many of you, I am a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and like all of you, my primary concern is the wellbeing of the animals that I treat. Please let me know if you are having issues, if you have concerns, or if you have questions. Unfortunately, what we do is constantly a learning experience and I can learn as much from you as you can from me, so please keep in touch regarding the various formulas that you are using so that I may continue to serve you (and your animals) to the very best of my ability. Sincerely,
Christina Clark
Owner of Chris's Squirrels and More, LLC

PDF File Concerning the mixing of Esbilac & KMR by Allan & Shirley Casey: ... ersion.pdf
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