Adding Daddy back in with Pups

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Adding Daddy back in with Pups

Postby Joan » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:50 am

This question came from Shannon. Others may be interested in the answer:

"My little girl had two babies! They will be 5 weeks Saturday. I’ve had her
for over three years and didn’t think she could get pregnant.

I separated her and Rocky when she kicked him out of the bed. When can I
reintroduce him to the family? Should I just put him in the cage with them
or put them in a location where I can monitor for a while? When I first
introduced Rocky to Zooey, i sat in the bathroom with them and referree’d
them Scoping each other out.

Thanks in advance for the advice!"

This depends on the size of your cage. My cage was large and it
had several nest boxes; so Chuck stayed in the same cage in a
separate box once he got kicked out of hers enough times to get
the point. The male will not hurt the pups and indeed Chuck
taught them how to run on the wheels. At that age they will
already be coming out. you could take his nest box during the
day when he's sleeping and put it back in the main cage.

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