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Postby MiriamS » Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:38 pm

New toys to keep our flyers busy! Granted, I bought these at Petco but they weren't very expensive and can probably be made at home.

These little boxes are made of thin cardboard and stuffed with crinkly shredded paper. I unpack the crinkly paper and stuff it back in, hiding treats like pine nuts and blueberries throughout. Then I hang the little box on the side of the cage. The next morning there is usually a mountain of crinkly paper right underneath. The great thing is that it takes work for the flyers to open the boxes but not so much that they rip them apart. One took a real beating once but most of the time I can reuse them. You can also take the paper out and fill them up with lettuce. And it's all recycled material!
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I actually took each piece of wood off this wood-kabob. I'll hang one in the cage here and there, switching up the toys on different nights. AND here's the kicker, I nailed a couple in key places where my babies were wreaking chew havoc and they like the wood enough that now they don't chew my doorframes. I hid one in my closet and one behind my curtains so they can chew and feel secure at the same time. Beware, though, of the woodchips that end up on the floor.

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The other fun thing that was super easy to make resembles a cat feather toy. I strung and folded a bunch of thin ribbon (the kind you use for presents) together and tied it in a knot. Chip loves to try and catch it, gather it and hide it.

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